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She works there for a time and with Val's help rekindles her relationship with Sam, only to lose him to Rachel Breckle.She falls out with Val and soon begins sleeping and living with Andy Sugden, who'd just lost his wife.

When David arrives, Diane locks him in a room with Tracy, but then quietly unlocks it again without them knowing.

Tracy hangs out the window and screams like mad for help. She meets David in The Woolpack with everyone watching. Tracy accepts, but feels uneasy about marrying him while he's seriously ill.

After Eric's son David is diagnosed with testicular cancer, Eric asks Tracy to keep an eye on him.

They end up having sex, but David feels betrayed when he realises Tracy knew about his diagnosis, and assumes she only slept with him out of pity.

Tracy encounters resistance from the people in David's life, especially Leyla, who assumes she is a golddigger.

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