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To change this to be the new Exchange server, perform the following steps: So far, we’ve covered how to replicate several important system folders to a new Exchange server as well as how to ensure the Offline Address List is generated by the new server.

That completes the information within part 1 of this 2-part article.

Obviously you’ll also need to ensure that all user mailboxes have been moved across.

The first major step in decommissioning the first Exchange 2003 server installed into an administrative group is to replicate and re-home the system folders.

Decommissioning an old Exchange 2003 server is a fairly straightforward process.

However, there are additional steps that you need to consider if you are decommissioning the first server within an administrative group.

Figure 5: Removing Old System Folder Replicas The Offline Address List that you replicated previously is generated daily by an Exchange server.

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