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by  |  02-Jul-2015 13:52

You will have to decide what is most important to you and set your system up the way that works best for you.

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The process of consolidation copies the music into a different location, but Traktor is currently pointing to the original location of where the referenced files are.

Importing the tracks from the new location of the newly consolidated library, will cause duplicate tracks in your Traktor library.

In other words, opening up i Tunes is merely allowing you to see what music you have on your hard drive that you have played using i Tunes.

With a referenced library, your music remains where you file it on your hard drive. A Consolidated Library – Having a consolidated library means that i Tunes copies and organizes all the music you have ever played through i Tunes into folders inside the i Tunes Media Folder. Each song you play through i Tunes, is automatically copied into the i Tunes media folder, leaving the original file where it is.

Whilst this does has some benefits, it can really screw with your Music filing system that you’ve already painstakingly created on your hard drive.

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