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They were also seen hanging out with two young boys at his recording studio in his hometown of Pittsburgh. I didn’t even know that was going to happen and then we were shooting and the director was like, ‘This should happen’ and I’m like, ‘Alright.’ When I went back to my old school, elementary, middle school, the other day when I was in Pittsburgh, and everyone was freaking out like, ‘You kissed Ariana Grande.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, you know how I do.’ “ “When you lay down I’mma hit the lights if you say so / What’s a life if you don’t got me / Give you what you want, what you need, what you came for / Hit me up when you’re feeling blue, and I tell you how I’m feeling too / So you know I just want to get into you right here in the living room, let’s go,” he raps his verse on the song, as quoted by Back in June, Grande dropped the music video for “Into You,” which was said to be about her relationship with Big Sean.

It was hard, but becoming a small business owner let me pick my hours; so the minute that bell rang and my kids were out of school, I could be around them.

Now, I can vend just on the weekends because I have loyal customers who keep coming back for my authentic soft tamales.

Ariana Grande has been spotted with rapper and frequent collaborator Mac Miller after she dropped their sizzling remix to her hit single “Into You.” Ariana Grande, 23, and Mac Miller, 24, were rumored to be dating shortly after her split from Ricky Alvarez when the two were first spotted together at Disneyland California last month.

Singer Victoria Monet was also there, so it looked just like a friendly group activity at the time.

But the duo’s latest sighting has got fans and the media wondering if they are doing more than just collaborating. And, apparently, there is video and photographic evidence of Grande and Miller spotted at the West Virginia Airport earlier on this week.

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