Dating ibanez ts9

by  |  07-Dec-2015 08:18

The essence of the Tube Screamers appeal -- what multitudes of similar designs that it has inspired over the years aim to capture -- are the subtly pleasing qualities it induces as it interacts with a tube amp: As you increase the amplitude of an input signal to overload a tube amps preamp, it distorts the signal in a way that adds sustain, edge, and harmonic liveliness, while preserving the innate tonal characteristics of the guitar and amp -- and without obscuring the players dynamics.

Despite the popularity and Holy Grail status attained by the original TS808, the Tube Screamer wasnt left alone -- and plenty of pedal lovers are glad.

The Drive knob on this pedal wiggles like a loose tooth, so maybe this is the same TS9, and the Tele knob was also lost and replaced with an original knob.

This earlier TS-9 is one of the two Tube Screamers listed on the 1985 Japan tour carnt.

The appearance is similar to the photo of the later TS-9 - more tape residue but less paint loss.

I am not aware of any evidence that Stevie went back to the 808 after he got the TS9 in 1982.

The photo shows Stevie used a TS9 on the Japan tour in January 1985, and the equipment carnt for the tour lists two Tube Screamers.

Why Stevie's tone became associated with the 808 is anyone's guess.

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