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Mother Jones' investigation also alleges that even though the sick coyote was captured by a licensed wildlife control operator - the show broke Kentucky regulations that forbid keeping captive wildlife for more than 48 hours. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding numerous apparent violations of the federal Lacey Act in the production of this episode of ‘Call of the Wildman’ and numerous others.'Earlier this year, Mother Jones allaged that the production team associated with Call of the Wildman mistreated animals and 'found "evidence of a culture that tolerated legally and ethically dubious activities.' Legal warnings for Call of the Wildman: In August 2013, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife sent Ernie Brown a warning letter that some of his actions on the show were a violation of his Nuisance Wildlife Control Officer permit 'The life and welfare of all animals is of paramount importance to Animal Planet.

However, Sharp’s Vice President Dan Adler denied the practice of snaring animals deliberately for the reality show and insisted that the 'coyote in question was determined to be sick by the licensed officers on location, and the determination was made not to film with it because production policy is not to film with sick or injured animals.'On the day in question you bring up, a licensed NWCO officer arrived to a location with a coyote he had caught after receiving a nuisance call, and when he brought it to us, the licensed NWCO officers on set moved it from the smaller cage it was caught in to an appropriately sized cage.'During previous allegations that the show is too scripted, Sharp Entertainment has said that 'NWCO officers are compensated for bringing animals to production that they have captured in the regular course of their work.''It appears that numerous Kentucky animal-protection laws were violated in the way that this ailing coyote was handled, and PETA is filing a complaint with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources,' said People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Foundation Deputy Counsel, Delcianna Winders. It is core to our ethos that every animal's life has value...

Because this was the man’s only water source, it was an urgent matter, so Neal drove to Ernie’s right away.

The two then traveled to the home, and upon descending the well, Ernie found a treasure! According to Neal, only 1 out of every 100,000 racoons is albino, so finding one is a rare experience indeed!

Some opinions will be so-so, while others will be not so good. Ernie was born and raised in Washington County, Kentucky.

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