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Mr Daly described the treaty as the product of a long period of internal reflection by the EU, dating back to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 when the need for reform to accommodate an influx of new member states from central and eastern Europe was first recognised.The treaty reflected a desire to bring the EU closer to its citizens in response to a downward trend in turnouts for European elections, he said.

The voting system had been simplified, there was a clearer demarcation between the competencies of the EU and its member states, and decision-making had been taken closer to the people via the Principle of Subsidiarity.

The protection of human rights had been improved, and the EU's ability to act had been strengthened, allowing it to get relief workers quickly into Haiti and Sudan, and troops on to the ground in Chad."Lisbon makes Europe stronger on the world stage, and strengthens its capacity to act," said Mr Daly.

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