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by  |  05-Sep-2016 20:06

Aubrena (portmanteau pending) is easily poised to become the world’s reigning hip-hop couple.

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It’s only a matter of time before Champagne Papi starts serving us the Woman Crush Wednesday Instagrams Williams deserves.

When asked by a reporter about her relationship with Drake, Williams rolled her eyes before responding, “We’ve been friends for, like, so many years...

Drake’s discography mentions more than 129 specific women.

In addition to finally explaining the extremely high teen pregnancy rate on Degrassi, Drake’s multitude of allusions to strippers, ex-strippers, girls who don’t text him back and girls who hit him up for his Wi-Fi password, seemed to imply that the Canadian heartthrob wasn’t settling down anytime soon.

Drake is the rapper you listen to when you can’t stop wondering if your second grade girlfriend really was the one, or when you’re driving to pick up your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend at the airport (again).

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