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I'll talk to anybody.” Jill Marie Jones A former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Dallas Mavericks Dancer, African American actress and model Jill Marie Jones is probably best known for portraying the self-centered and materialistic Toni Childs in the popular UPN sitcom “Girlfriends” from 2000 to 2006.Delivering a fine performance, she picked up a BET Comedy and an Image nomination.

My actor's chair that has and my name on it, you know the director's chair?

Well, on the very last day of my sixth season, I told them to grab my chair and put it in my car for me.

She was educated at Duncanville High School and then at Texas Woman's University.

Major Movie Star Texas native Jill Marie Jones was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for two years, a Dallas Mavericks Dancer for a year, and thanks to her dancing abilities and athletic prowess, she traveled to Egypt, Japan, Korea and Israel with the United Service Organization (USO) and the United States Department of Defense to perform for US troops.

"I would love for her to come back, but Jill doesn't want to return,” says Akil.

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