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He, like many former cast members, admitted that much of the show was fabricated to follow certain story lines.In fact, he added that he would have enjoyed it more if it had turned into an all-out scripted project. “It was hard to get me to shoot after a while because it was repetition and there wasn’t anything artistically happening and I wasn’t growing.

I’m happy where I am now, and the past is the past!

" Like JB memorably uttered, "Truth and time tells all" -- so there we have it.

What originated as a solo group morphed into a two-man band, when Brescia met drummer Dave Dariani.

“It was pretty organic, actually,” Brescia said of collaborating with Dariani, 27.

I was always a friend to her from the get-go and there for her as a friend. I felt like a stronger partner on the side who was like a teammate, who was like ‘Hey you got this! This is good.’ That was real, that was awesome.” Patridge has stayed in the spotlight and is currently the host of NBC’s These days Brescia is focusing on projects that are close to his heart.

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