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I will never, never forget last night and the happiness I felt with you,” she wrote.Over the next two years, the pair continued to exchange emails and to arrange to attend meetings and special UVM events as a team.

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The next day, Kahn-Fogel wrote Schultz a four-page email recounting the events of the evening in detail — from the moment he picked her up to the car ride home.

“When you arrived here, we hugged and kissed and saw the lake.

She implored him to reconsider or to at least make the break temporary. I had great hopes that you and I could keep seeing each other.

Now that I have just read your morning e-mail, of course I understand that you have been suffering about your family and don’t want to see me,” Kahn-Fogel wrote.

” In a February 2006, it seems Schultz tried to end his relationship with Kahn-Fogel.

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