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by  |  16-Apr-2015 22:51

Though beta and pre-release versions of i OS 7 allowed developers and software testers to downgrade to the latest stable i OS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 build, Apple is not expected to extend the same courtesy with the final "gold master" version of i OS 7.

As with other recent major iterations of i OS, it has become increasingly difficult — if not impossible — to downgrade to earlier major versions of i OS unless certain files are saved.

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But some apps will fall behind simply fail to work — or fail to appear in the update list — because of an incompatibility issue.

In some cases, apps that were previously available may no longer be due to Apple having to approve each app before it can be downloaded by the end user.

But as the pool widens out to the general public, expect a few bugs and flaws that haven't yet been ironed out.

This isn't a dig at Apple's quality control — in any major software upgrade from any manufacturer, you can expect (and likely have at some point experienced) the same.

Apple has made system apps more energy efficient and implemented smaller tweaks, like not lighting up the screen for notifications when a phone is face down.

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