Persona 4 dating naoto

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Panicked, the Investigation Team decides to tune in the Midnight Channel again, and realizes that they were too late: Rise has already been kidnapped.

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She's rather childish and possessive; she once pouted and told the Protagonist he mustn’t call another girl “cute”.

She has also shown her competitive side on many occasions, and she’s mocked Yukiko Amagi’s insecurity and her cooking.

In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, she wears a summer pink school uniform with open shirt parted showing her black bra, and Yasogami emblem on her left sleeve, a magenta, pink, and white houndstooth patterned mini skirt that match her hair ribbons, long black stockings with pink lace zippers, and pink high-heel slippers.

She wears a yellow scarf around her right wrist and pink and black glove on her left hand.

Along with Yukiko, and Naoto Shirogane, she cries when the Protagonist leaves Inaba, and she’ll profess her love to him.

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