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Though criminal-background checks are required of workers at licensed or subsidized child-care facilities, even a jury’s conviction doesn’t necessarily put someone out of the child-care business. She was arrested, of course, but that won’t be able to fix the damage done to those traumatized little kids.

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When it comes to the crucial age of being a new little person on the face of the earth, not even the best center-based day care can provide children with what they really need.

Kids require one-on-one, loving care that responds to them individually.

Now, it would be mean to blame parents who want the best for their kids and truly have absolutely no alternative but to send them to day care.

In fact, I have recommended day care if you know that you are a sucky mother.

Spending hours away from home prevents little children and parents from establishing the intimate and emotional bonds necessary for both the parent-child relationship and the child’s overall development.

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