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EX: Name VARCHAR(10) is an alphanumeric column Name with the maximum length of (10). Show("here") End If End Sub Some are missing the point. If you add a new row with a value that violates the data Set's definition of a field in the data Table, then a data Error is thrown. Works for now, but as I said I am not happy with it. This could be displayed above the new error box but below the New Row line. This could be checked on cell validation and throw an error such that it will be captured by the Data Error event.

you can only type 10 character and no more, or you will get an error. ciberpm: I know exactly why the errors are being thrown. The question is how can one get the cell that actually threw the error. But it does not mater which cell you are at the time that you want to commit the row, the error is detected but e has the coordinates of the current cell and not the one with the error. Data Grid View Cell Cancel Event Args) Handles Groups Data Grid View. The goal being to keep the data editor itself generic and not have to crank out a new version of the editor for every situation.

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The Data Error event Data Grid View Data Error Event Args object e Reports the current cell row and column NOT the cell where the error is occuring. The Column Index and Row Index properties normally indicate the cell in which the data error occurred. On Escape, Tab, Right, or Left keys the message clears.

The same is true of the Cell Validating and Row Validating events. When the error occurs in an external data source, however, the data source may not provide the column in which the error occurred. your data input has to be consistent for instance; when you created the table, you have to specified what type of data you are going to be using. I found a way to get what I want regarding this thread, but I am not happy with it.

You might even loop through all the controls on your form and focus each of them individually (or an individual control by giving it focus then changing the focus to another control), achieving the same effect: Which solution is better?

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