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Courtney now manages the cattle operation of 200 Angus cows and a feedlot of 75 steers.

While Le Ann, 18, is phasing out of the operations as she prepares to start college, she is still involved and helps to make sure things get done when needed.

“It became apparent to us that women often were attending these conferences with their husbands, fathers, brothers or fathers-in-law.

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For these sisters, Brooke says being a young woman in agriculture has been interesting.

“The people who have known us growing up take us seriously, but the people we don’t know don’t always take us seriously when we start talking cattle,” Brooke explains.

Her work at K•Coe Isom, a national accounting and farm-management firm, has given her the opportunity to reach out to producers — men and women alike — and help provide information to them, wherever they are.

From the latest in accounting and estate planning to sustainability service, K•Coe Isom seeks to help producers in all aspects of the business side of farming.

Starting in 2005, the Harward girls began showing cattle for a fellow Angus breeder in North Carolina.

Sarah m online dating angus

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