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NASA warned residents under the shuttle's footprint, "If you find debris, please do not touch it, and if you have photos or videos that you think will be helpful, please contact your local police authorities." Three months later, NASA reported on April 26 that some 70,000 pieces of Columbia had been collected from the ground.

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Columbia, the oldest shuttle in the fleet of four, was to have landed at a.m.

Television broadcast video of the shuttle streaking at 12,500 miles per hour across the sky 40 miles above Dallas showed multiple vapor trails as the spacecraft appeared to break apart.

Brown, 46; Kalpana Chawla 41; and Laurel Clark, 41; and Israel's first astronaut, payload specialist Ilan Ramon, 47.

[click image to enlarge] NASA Entry Flight Director Leroy Cain declared a contingency for the shuttle Columbia at around a.m.

Michael Anderson, Kalpana Chawla and Rick Husband were making their second flights.

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