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It's unknown if a boot image can be extracted from it. On the X22, it worked with ECP 1.30 but not with BIOS 1.32 Lenovo recommends reseting your BIOS settings to their factory defaults after a firmware update.

You may need to try different packages to find the one from which you can extract a boot image. Also, please consider updating the List of DMI IDs after updating your BIOS.

updating bios in vista-8

You must read the Lenovo website and/or files to confirm which BIOS is compatible with which ECP, and the order in which to update them. (This will destroy the data on it, of course.) Acquire a pure DOS boot cd such as Windows 98 recovery CD and boot that.

The Lenovo/IBM documentation is sometimes unclear about the order in which these two firmwares should be updated. IBM didn't provide specific instructions for your model or a particular firmware update), update the ECP first, and then the BIOS. Use F8 to abort the boot sequence of a windows 98 boot CD.

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: If the download cannot start, Refresh page (press F5 or ctrl F5 in your Browser or the ‘Refresh’ button To install this pack driver 1.

This page is meant to describe ways to update the BIOS on a Think Pad that only runs Linux for users that don't have ready access to Windows. Contrary to the name, GRUB for DOS works fine on Linux.

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