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But what was so inspiring about Annie was that I was sitting there still trying to work out, How does one act through song on film?

How do you make these songs work in a close-up and get them to tell a story? It was one of those moments where I relaxed because I thought, Oh, it’s going to work.

After her notorious romantic Waterloo with the now-convicted felon Raffaello Follieri, she has found, she says, “true love—the full-on romantic, till-death-do-us-part real deal” with the actor turned jewelry designer Adam Shulman, whom she describes as “a keeper” (more on that later).

And after the critical and box-office disappointments of Love and Other Drugs and One Day, she has hit a new professional stride with her commandingly sensual performance as Bruce Wayne’s kitten-with-a-whip love interest Selina Kyle (a.k.a.

The layer of mud on the floor and the smell of all those fish lend the proceedings a distinct air of authenticity.

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