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Clowndating.com, a clown dating website is similarly a bit odd (not least because most people either associate clowns strongly with their childhood or find them nightmare-inducingly terrifying), as is “a dating networking site for death industry professionals”.

I can’t decide whether uk, a place for people with herpes to meet one another, represents a really responsible attitude to take to one’s incurable and highly contagious STI, or whether it’s weird to restrict one’s choice of partner to people who have the same disease as you.

Everyone likes going out sometimes and staying in sometimes.

Everyone has friends or family that are important to them. While POF may seem more in depth than Tinder, all you really do is judge people physically".

Those on a more serious quest for love tend to choose sites like E-Harmony, which has a giddlingly huge list of compatibility criteria on which it pairs its users.

Worst online dating websites

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